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Caden Scmidt


Current Project(s): HVSR in Indonesia

I’m lucky enough to have grown up on Whidbey Island, Washington. I’m currently and undergraduate student studying geology at BYU. Being from Western Washington, I’ve seen a lot of the effects of different geological hazards firsthand, and I’m ecstatic that I have an opportunity here to help. My project focuses on looking at HVSR (Horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio) measurements in Indonesia to gain a better understanding of how the earth behaves so we can plan and prepare for

future seismic events. The idea that the research I’m doing can potentially make a difference in people’s lives excites me and motivates me to do the best work that I can.

Alongside geology, I love to play music! I play the trombone with different bands and orchestras as much as I can. Orchestras are my favorite kind of group to play with, but I also got to play a season with the BYU Marching Band, which was a fantastic experience! I love trying new things and meeting new people because I learn a lot from the different lessons and perspectives they bring to my life!

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