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Emma Gosselin


Current Project(s): 1898 Ambon Earthquake, Major Indonesian Earthquake Events Literature Review, Indonesian Tsunami Deposits, In Harm's Way Website Management

I am from Upstate New York and am an undergraduate student at BYU studying geology with a minor in professional writing.  I discovered my love for geology early in life; my parents have a video of me at four years old pointing out fossils in our backyard, haha! In addition to geology, I have a passion for scientific communication; I enjoy writing academic 

manuscripts, public-facing scientific documents (such as this website!), and everything in between. Working with the WAVES Cohort has blended my passion for geology perfectly and I love working in our lab!  

When I'm not caught up doing homework, I love spending time with friends, being outdoors, and reading a good

book— usually something dystopian or fantasy, but I can appreciate a good memoir or self-help book!  However, as of late, I've been spending all of my free time planning and preparing for my wedding this April! 

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