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Mindy Nelson


Current Project(s): Timor metamorphic rock mineral chemistry

Growing up, I had the opportunity to live in seven different states and found myself especially enchanted by the mountains and rock formations in Colorado. This fostered my love of geology, and ultimately led me to my passion for geochemistry. 

My current project focuses on the mineral chemistry of the beautiful metamorphic rocks found in Timor-Leste. As we learn more about the 

elemental make-up of the minerals in these rocks, we will gain a better understanding of the pressure and temperature conditions under which they formed. In turn, analyzing these samples on a microscopic scale helps us to understand the larger tectonic scale. With the story of the tectonics and structural geology of Timor-Leste given from the mineral chemistry, we can better anticipate and prepare for potential hazards to the Timor populace.

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