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The most effective outreach approach we created is the simple 20-20-20 principle, which connects the length of time the ground shakes (> 20 seconds is a large enough earthquake to generate a tsunami) with the response time (<20 minutes) and the evacuation height (20 meters elevation).


Evidence that our approach increases response efficacy and is sustainable is when local communities implement their own tsunami disaster evacuation drills. For example, the city of Pacitan organized a tsunami parade where bicycles and floats dressed as waves moved through the city to simulate a tsunami. All of the participants wore t-shirts with 20-20-20 on them, which were designed and produced by the local community.

20-20-20 signs.png

Adding 20-20-20 signs to the existing evacuation signs helps those in harm's way self-evacuate with the precious 20 minutes they have versus waiting for a warning from outside the community.

Pacitan parade.png
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